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PTOs and Pumps


PTO - Power-Take-Off & Hydraulic Pump Systems

We supply transfer- or engine-attached PTO's for almost any vehicle including medium and heavy trucks and for LandRover / Santana and Toyota as well as crankshaft-driven PTOs! We can offer up to 2 x 230kW of output power. Boats and ships can be quipped with split-shaft-PTOs mounted inbetween ships' screw driveshaft.

What's a PTO & Pump good for?

  • a PTO delivers power straight out of your engine's gearbox. Depending on make and model up to 460kW can be delivered to any machinery flanged onto the PTO driveshaft without any degradation due to falling voltage or ending batteries.
  • a PTO can drive heavy winches, hydraulic pumps or compressors at a much higher power than any electrical machinery can.
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Types of PTOs

  • Gearbox drive: this variant fitx to either the main gearbox (C), the transfer gearbox (D) or inbetween the propshaft (split gearbox PTO - E/F). The PTO is driven via the main gears and can be shifted from 1st to 4th (5th / Reverse) gear. Usually these PTOs are operated when the vehicle is stationary. Nevertheless, driving-synchronous concepts can be adopted, too.
  • Sandwich type (G): mounts between engine and bellhousing and provides hihgher power than classic crankshaft driven PTOs as below mentioned. Can operate also whilst driving the vehicle.
  • Crankshaft drive: these PTO are driven by the crankshaft directly without using the gearbox (A, B, C). They can be used stationary and during driving as well. These PTOs bolt either to the bellhousig, to the engine itself or are a system out of the DYNA-pax toolbox.

PTO control

  • A PTO is activated either by eletricity, mechanical linkage or air / vacuum - depending on model
  • To havel your vehicle's engine provide power per specific demand our full digital engine control unit DYNA-BX will give you full control over your engine and hydraulic system

On your requests, please always include this information:

  • Manufacturer and type of vehicle
  • year
  • engine
  • gearbox manufacturer and type
  • transfer manufacturer and type
  • evtl. axle type

To assist you in rough calcualtions regarding hydraulic system we published an Excel-Spreadsheet.

Standard Belt-driven PTO Kits

We offer standard PTO kits "ready to bolt-on" for a wide range of vehicles, complete with magnetic clutch, pump and beltdrive.

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  • Bombardier / CanAm ATVs, SSVs, Quads mit Rotax V2-Motor
  • Citroen Jumy, Jumper
  • Fiat Fiorino, Strada, Doblo, Scudo, Ducato
  • Ford Ranger, Transit
  • Hyundai
  • Isuzu
  • Iveco
  • Kia
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Mitsubishi L200 & Canter
  • Multicar
  • Nissan Navara, Cabstar, Interstar
  • Opel Vivaro, Movano
  • Peugeot Expert, Boxer
  • Piaggo Porter
  • Renault Trafic, Master, Maxiti
  • Toyota HiLux, LandCruiser HZJ und GRJ, Dyna
  • Volkswagen Caddy, Amarok, Crafter

Please find the complete vehicle listing HERE, and the corresponding product page HERE (NEW - 2021 Catalogue!)

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For vehicles not listed, please contact us! We do custom developments on almost any vehicle, including ATVs and Side-by-Sides!


Toyota PTOs for Toyota LandCruisers 1980 - 2019+ models

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Produktabbildung: Name

We offer PTO units for Toyotas as follows:

Toyota LandCruiser PTO Gearbox 8/1980 - 10/2016 and later, symmetrical 6-bolt flange. Fits models

  • BJ / FJ4, BJ / FJ / HJ6
  • HZJ 71, 74, 78 und 79
  • NEW for the J7 / V8-Diesel too!
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Toyota LandCruiser PTO Gearbox 1980-2019+, combined mechanical & pneumatic clutch, 4-bolt ISO-Flange

Technical specifications:

  • 18kW max. at 1000 RPM, 36kW max. bei 2000 RPM
  • 172Nm max.
  • Ratio 1:1.1 (RPM increase)
  • Weight 13kg
  • Aluminum casted housing
  • Pump flanges UNI 3-Bolt, ISO 4-Bolt and propshaft flange
  • Clutch can be operated mechanical, via vacuum and even pressurized air
  • Power output front standard, alternatively to rear


NEW: Toyoa LandCruiser PTO Gearbox for V8 diesel (VDJ type). Basic version, mechanical clutch, 4-bolt ISO-Flange

Technical specifications:

  • 20kW max. at 1000 RPM, 40kW max. bei 2000 RPM
  • 190Nm max.
  • Ratio 1:1.0 (direct cdrive)
  • Weight 12kg
  • Aluminum casted housing
  • Pump flanges UNI 3-Bolt, ISO 4-Bolt and propshaft flange
  • Clutch can be operated mechanical, via vacuum and even pressurized air
  • Power output rear standard

Price: please ask for quotation Minimum Order Quantity: 10 units

Option 3-bolt UNI-Flange

LandRover, Santana & IVECO Massif PTOs & Pump Systems

A PTO fitting the LandRover / Santana and IVECO Massif Tranny LT230-type. This module can engage your PTO by a lever. PTO is pictured top right, mounted with hydraulic pump and tranny (not supplied).

This PTO is the one and only solution to power a good hydraulic winch or other hydraulic equipment. Don't even try to compare it with some half-hearted solutions made out of tuned power steering pumps!

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Basic Kit L/R Defender, Range Rover & Discovery / IVECO Massif "24kW"

  • Pump 26ccm
  • 200bar
  • 20-70lpm
  • 1500 Upm: 38lpm, 12kW
  • 3000 Upm: 74lpm, 24kW
  • links to transfer case LT230
  • Including bowden linkage & lever

Requires additional tank, valves and hoses. Exhaust support may require modification. Fits 9 and 18 splined input shaft. Shafts available seperately if original shaft is unsplined.

PTO 38kW and 30kW - air or mechanical operated clutch

  • air operated PTO clutch - convenient installation!
  • Optional mechanical operated clutch
  • Gearbox coupled - fits LT230-transfer
  • rotation enginewise:38,2kW @ 1000 RPM, axis inline
  • rotation anti-enginewise: 30,5kW @ 1000 RPM, ~85mm axis offset, 1.2x transfer ratio
  • double bearings per shaft
  • flanges ISO 4-bolt and UNI (SAE per request)
  • also available driveshaft flange
  • max. 2000 RPM, thus doubling output power!

Requires pump, tank, valves and hoses. May require modification of exhaust support. 9-spline gearbox driveshaft required!


We can offer pumps and control valve blocks calculated to your requirements.

Article Details Price
L/R-CCW-ISO PTO 38,2kW ISO 4-bolt
L/R-CW-ISO PTO 30,5kW ISO 4-bolt
MASSIF-SHAFT Transfer Case input shaft w/ PTO splining for IVECO Massif, Discovery, Ranger Rover and Santana.

This is an exchange or reworked transfer case input shaft. Requires hand-in of original shaft in a good condition. We will mill the necessary splining and harden the shaft again.

IVECO Massif / Daily 4x4 / Bremach T-Rex PTOs

This is a unique line of Power Take Offs for the IVECO Massif, the successor of the famous Santana PS10, based on the Landrover Defender and the Daily 4x4 as well as the Bremach T-Rex.

These PTOs directly bolt to the main gearbox and are driven via the crankshaft without using the gears themselves. Max. 2400REVS, CCW rotation

Operation works via an electronic panel that engages the PTO and operates a two-way valve. The electronic control unit provides additional power control and selectable RPM - power compensated throttle.

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Available pumps are standard 3-hole hydraulic pumps. 4-bolt-adaptors are available. We can offer pumps selected for your system requirements.

Two different power classes are available:

Article Details Price
Massif-18kW 120Nm / 18,8kW
Massif-29kW 180Nm / 29,4kW
Massif-PCU Power Control Unit
Massif-ISO4 ISO 4-bolt Adaptor
Massif-18kW-Z Komplett-Set IVECO Massif 3.0 / Daily 4x4 / Bremach T-Rex 18kW
  • PTO, electronically controlled
  • Pump 36ccm / 200bar / 50lpm
  • Power Control Unit
  • 1500 Upm: 50lpm / 18.8kW
  • 3000 Upm: 100lpm / 37kW (intermittend)
  • includes control panel
  • synchronous to crankshaft

Requires tank, valves and hoses. Several supports may require modification.

Hydraulic Kit IVECO Massif 3.0 / Daily 4x4 / Bremach T-Rex 29kW

  • PTO, electronically controlled
  • Pump 57ccm / 200bar
  • Power Control Unit
  • 1500 Upm: 80lpm / 29.4kW
  • 3000 Upm: 160lpm / 58kW (intermittend)
  • includes control panel
  • synchronous to crankshaft

Requires tank, valves and hoses. Several supports may require modification.


Split-Shaft PTO - universal propshaft PTO

Split-Shaft-PTOs are a universal solution for vehicles in need for a selectable Power-Take-Off of medium or high power without having the standard availability of mounting a regular PTO.

A Split-Shaft-PTO is an additional gearbox being fitted into the vehicle. This gearbox splits the input power from the engine / main gearbox and splits it into power transferred further to the axle(s) and a part being provided to the PTO(s).

The gearbox mounts inbetween the existing driveshaft. Therefore the shaft is being replaced by two halves connecting to main gearbox, split-shaft-PTO-gearbox and axle(s). This concept also works for ships, mounted inbetween the screw's driveshaft!

An integrated clutch individually operates drivetrain and PTO.

Several operation modes can be selected to drive even high power applications like fire pumps etc.:

  • Standing operation: driveshaft disengaged, PTO engaged
  • off: PTO disengaged
  • Each PTO can be operated individually
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Produktabbildung: Name

These PTOs are gearbox-coupled. REVS are predefined by main gearbox and PTO ratio and engine REVS.

PTOs can be engaged pneumatically or mechanically.

Variants cover one up to four different PTO connections and pump or driveshaft flanges.

PTO's and hydraulic pumps

PTOs and hydraulic system for medium and heavy trucks and utility vehicles.

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We deliver a wide variety of PTOs - direct, reduced gearing, permanent or engagable, single or dual speed - whatever...

Ready-to-fit available are also a complete line of hydraulik pumps - please see our information brochure accordingly.

These PTOs will fir the following OEMs of vehicles or gearboxes:

  • Aisin
  • Allison
  • Daihatsu
  • Eaton / Fuller
  • Ford
  • Mack
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Rockwell
  • Scania
  • Spicer
  • Toyota
  • Volvo
  • ZF

Please ask us for a suitable offer! Please supply all information on vehicle, year, type of gearbox and transer!


These extremely powerful units are mounted sandwich-style between engine and bellhosing. Your gearbox and drivetrain will be relocated a certain distance to the aft.

A snadwich PTO allows for high power output up to 155kW also whilst driving the vehicle which allows applications like street cleaning vehicles.

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Current models available cover:

  • Isuzu FVR23 (MAL 6S)
  • Isuzu FTR34 (MZW 6P - Motor 6HK1-TN)
  • Isuzu FTR 33 (MLD 6A)
  • Isuzu NQR 71P (MYY5t / MOY 9F)
  • Isuzu FZV 34 (ZF9S - 1115 TO)
  • Isuzu FXZ 360 (ZF9S - 1315 TO)
  • Mitsubishi Fuso (M8 S2)

DYNA-pax Modular System

Our DYNA-pax modular system are a configurable set of aggregates, providing an almost unlimited number of variants and combinations regarding pumps, power and energy supply, suitable for all light 4x4, SUV or Pickups.

DYNA-pax is a synthetic term, put together from DYNA for Dynamic and pax short for "Packs".

DYNA-pax are compact compound machines and aggregates such as V-belt driven hydraulic pumps with magnetic cluthes, combined pump-compressor-units and such.

Please check the seperate DYNA-pax section!

DYNA-pax and DYNApax are protected trade mars and ©2008 by Power-Trax.de

Fuel-powered Hydraulic Powerpacks

This compact-sized hydraulic power-pack provides a flexible source of hydraulic energy to any place not accessible to a construction machine or, if your vehicle is not equipped with a hydraulic system

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Powered by a 2-cylinder V-type VANGUARD engine, large tanks and high hydraulic power this is a mobile powerpack ease to start with its integrated electrical battery and starter and easily to operate as well.

Technical specifications:

  • Engine Vanguard 2-cylinder V, 18hp / 13kW
  • Hydraulic pump 38l/min, 210bar
  • Fuel 16l
  • Oil 28l
  • 2x2 quick couplings
  • electrical starter
  • battery 12volts
  • weighs 103kg
  • grip handles and rubber wheels
  • measures only lxwxh 600x500x700mm
  • Product Overview (Download) - German version